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And Create The Perfect Workflow
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Summit Starts July 10-13
Featuring Keynote Speaker:
Lewis Howes
  •  New York Times Bestselling Author of "The School of Greatness"
  • Top iTunes Podcast Host of "School of Greatness" with over 30 Million Downloads
  •  Serial 7-Figure Entrepreneur 
  •  Growth Mindsets Expert 
  •  Former Pro Athlete and 2 sport All-American
Feeling overwhelmed is a problem for all of us. but the good news is we can optimize our lives and regain the control we desperately need!
News Flash #1
You're not inadequate, you're just ill-equipped!  The perfect workflow is accessible - and closer than  you think.
News Flash #2
A better, less frantic life is possible. Your day doesn't have to feel crazy, busy, and exhausting.
News Flash #3
The world is speeding up, but you're not going to get caught up just by skimming productivity tips and tricks.
Here's what you'll discover when you claim your ticket To the lifehack summit today...
Day 1
Fix What's Broken
Learn how to eliminate the productivity problems that are holding you back.  Destroy distractions, learn the most powerful mindsets to put you in the driver's seat, get the best information on how to be productive in an overwhelming world.
Day 2
Create Your Perfect Workflow
Learn the nitty gritty information that the greats are using to create a seamless workflow. Get the best systems for prioritization, email management, calendar & scheduling, task processing and more.
Day 3
Experience Life After Overwhelm
Draw extreme inspiration from leaders who are 1-2 steps ahead of you on what life is like once you have a rock-solid productivity system.  Learn about extreme leverage, how to hack together a laptop lifestyle, and what it's like to have complete freedom.
Who's presenting and why?
We hand-picked experts who have achieved what most of us just dream of, and are living their best life. 

These experts are bestselling authors and writers who reach millions each month, have built & sold 7 figure businesses, are professional media personalities, are PhD researchers on the bleeding edge of science, and are beloved and respected in their industries. Most importantly, they’re living lives filled with personal freedom and control.

These experts are passionate about showing you how to destroy overwhelm and create a perfect workflow - because they know how simple it is once you have the right information and expertise.  It usually costs hundreds of dollars to get coaching and advice from these speakers, but they're taking time out of their busy schedules to show you how to take a major step forward - completely free.
Day 1: Fix What's Broken
Lewis Howes
NYT Bestselling Author of The School of Greatness, iTunes top 100 Podcaster and Entrepreneur
Marisa Peer
Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Pioneering Hypnotherapy Trainer
Jessica Geist
Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach, Co-Founder of The Coach Academy
Day 2: Create Your Perfect Workflow
Akira Iguchi
Business Development & Personal Performance Strategist, Ultimate Success Summit
Caitlin Pyle
The Work Anywhere Life, Proofread Anywhere
Day 3: Experience Life After Overwhelm
Brian Evans
Founder/CEO of Influencive and BDE Ventures, an Inc 500 Entrepreneur
Jules Schroeder
Forbes 30 Under 30 Podcast host, Founder of the Unconventional Life Summit and Event Series, Founder of CreateU, 7+ figure Entrepreneur
About Your Hosts
Carey and Demir Gjokaj - Lifestyle Designers, Owners of Lifehack Bootcamp
Carey and Demir Gjokaj are the husband and wife team behind Lifehack Bootcamp, a top ranked online productivity company. Their shared mission is helping clients design lifestyles filled with personal freedom. By combining their skillsets, they have shown hundreds of people techniques to be maximally effective and efficient at work and in their personal lives. 

With a passion for enabling other self-starters, Demir is a brilliant productivity expert and known for his empowering coaching style. Before starting Lifehack Bootcamp, he was a technology CEO with a background in Wall Street finance and real estate. His work has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNBC, and many other media outlets. 

A former brand marketer for Kraft Foods and Popchips, Carey is a 9-5’er turned millennial entrepreneur. Carey is passionate about helping people escape the 9 to 5 and create the life of their dreams. An expert in lifestyle design, business, and Airbnb, she co-founded Lifehack Bootcamp to bring these productivity skills to everyone. 

Carey and Demir live and advocate for the digital nomad lifestyle, living up to 3 months at a time in cities around the globe. The last year has seen them in 12 countries including living on a boat in Croatia, the Basque country of Spain, a retreat in Bali, and the islands of Hawaii. - All Rights Reserved