Jenn Scharf is a dedicated mompreneur and teacher living on the west coast of Canada.

The last few years having been challenging ones for her. She became a primarily solo-parent, has been working full time, and feeling extremely overwhelmed. She found herself crashing and burning, freaking out about things she used to feel in control of, and dropping the ball all over the place.

Her biggest concern was maintaining a healthy dynamic with her son. She was worried that being excessively stressed and busy was negatively effecting the way he was experiencing her, and wanted to spend more dedicated time with him and not feel her mind wandering to everything else she had on her plate. Essentially, she wanted to be able to both physically and mentally leave the classroom at the end of the school day, and stop bringing work home!

She was scrolling through Facebook one day, and saw that her friend shared something about a time tracking project he was doing with Lifehack Bootcamp. She immediately messaged him for more information.

“Once I scrolled through your website, watched a few videos on your 4-Layered Accountability system, it was a no-brainer for me. And very early on in my discovery of Lifehack Bootcamp, I got on a call with a real person. That proved to me you’re all very authentic, real people that make yourselves available for your clients. That’s when I was convinced that you had something that was going to help me piece everything together.”

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Jenn went all-in during our 8-week bootcamp. Her big goal was to able to work with one of her “hero organizations” by the time of graduation. She took a chance and started reaching out to these companies, one of which got back to her with a big fat YES! 

Now that Jenn has graduated from our program, she feels an overwhelming sense of relief.  “I feel more in control of my life. Rather than being in constant reactivity, I am getting on offense. And it’s so comforting to know that when I fall off the wagon, there’s a system in place to help me get back on track.