Our Core Values


We see through the talk,
stories and clutter.


When the going gets tough,
the tough get going.


No one wins unless everyone wins.


Our goal is 10x value for every student.


We bring fun and excitement to everything we do.

Meet our head trainer, Demir

Think he was born productive?

Think again.

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Carey is the CEO at Lifehack Bootcamp and is known for her ability to create streamlined team workflows and processes in teams of all sizes. Previously, she was a brand marketer for large CPG companies.

Carey’s passion is using experiential education to help people achieve their peak levels of work and play. Formerly a rising star at Kraft Foods and Popchips, she founded Lifehack Bootcamp when she was 24. Carey is a tour de force example for young female entrepreneurs, gleefully breaking through age and gender stereotypes. She is passionate about hacking neuroscience and psychology to unleash peak performance. She is also the founder of the LA Marketing Social Club, and is featured in the upcoming book, “Millennial Gambit: Stories of Why We Chose Entrepreneurship” by Elliot Lum.

Founder & Head Trainer

Demir has worked in senior roles in technology, finance, and government and is the Head of Coaching & Curriculum at Lifehack Bootcamp. His passion for coaching others to their highest level is his life’s mission.

Demir helps people break through the barriers preventing them from their peak performance at work, so they can go home to a fulfilling personal life.
Demir has held senior roles in technology, finance, and government. More recently, he has been an educator, speaker, and coach. Demir’s passion is using lifehacking techniques to help people achieve their peak levels of work and play. A frequent commentator on trends in the digital video space, Demir has spoken on panels at CES, SXSW, Digital Hollywood and more. He has also been a guest on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business News.

Marketing & Ops Manager

Harlee is originally from Northern California. After graduating from college, she fully embraced a nomadic lifestyle in true lifehacker fashion. She has lived and worked on almost every continent in the last several years, spending extra time in Senegal, Ireland and Taiwan. Outside of work, her hobbies include writing, photography and being outdoors. She shares a passion for productivity and time management that has allowed for her to sustain her alternative lifestyle, with ample time to explore the world!