“I put everyone else’s needs in front of my own”

Sean Hogan is an animal shelter manager for one of the largest animal shelters in Canada. He’s not only responsible for the well-being of all of the animals that come through the doors, but for a team of more than 10 employees and countless volunteers. It’s a high-intensity line of work where lives are on the line, but he wouldn’t change it for the world. “This type of work,” he says, “attracts self-sacrificing personalities. I tend to put everyone else’s needs in front of my own.”

And his industry follows suit. “We all put the lives of the animals first – as we should – but to the detriment of our own sanity and health.” He began thinking, if we could somehow sustain ourselves better – wouldn’t that allow us to help more animals? Wouldn’t that be better for everyone?

He didn’t quite know how to go about that on his own, though.


Preventing burnout and creating a sustainable workflow

He came across Lifehack Bootcamp by a stroke of serendipity. A few of his colleagues were alumni of the program, and they mentioned how much taking the course had changed their lives. Sean went home, Googled Demir and Carey, and almost immediately invested in their FAST course.

The first huge change the FAST course had on his life came from the time tracking tool. He immediately realized how much time he WASN’T spending on family or on himself. He wasn’t exercising, had very little time in his life for play. The snapshot of his life time tracking provided showed a total imbalance, that he then set out to fix.

When Sean got on the ten minute one-on-one call with Demir, he was immediately inspired to take the bootcamp. “Demir told me he felt I’d rock the bootcamp, and I agreed. He saw something in me I didn’t fully see in myself yet, but I took the leap.”

Facing challenges and triumph

Sean’s biggest challenge coming into the FAST course – and subsequently the full 60-day program – was that he had lost faith in planning ahead. He had once had a love for checklists and planning, but the more times he showed up for work only to have those lists pushed aside as he focused on putting out fires, the more discouraged he became.

“Through the bootcamp, I rediscovered the power in planning ahead,” he said. He actively used the time tracking tool to get back all of the time he now knew he was wasting. Combined with some of the other key tools in the bootcamp – creating routines, extreme accountability – he was able to have a powerful, positive mindset shift.

Having a group of people in the same boat as him made all of the difference. “Being surrounded by people so willing to keep going – people exercising so much GRIT – is something that will live with me forever.” “When you do the work, it works!” is a mantra he came to embrace throughout his experience.

Success begets success

With this shift came a confidence boost unlike anything he’d experienced before. His success bled over into his personal life in unexpected ways as well. It had such a profound impact on him that his husband took notice as well. Now, the two of them use Asana together and have incorporated a lot of Lifehack Bootcamp’s methods – like pre-planning their grocery shopping and meals – into their home life!

A word of advice he has for any of you contemplating making the leap into the full course – “just DO IT! Commit to it. Be willing to be surprised by yourself. Just the fact you’ve shown up for this goes to show you’re different than most. You’re already willing to put in the work to improve yourself, so DO IT.”

To apply to the 60-day breakthrough bootcamp, click here: pages.lifehackbootcamp.com/apply