Who here has the tendency to OVERCOMMIT? Meaning – you agree to 10 different projects in a week, and come Friday you’ve accomplished maybe 2 of them? And oftentimes, those 2 projects weren’t even your top priority?

Too often, right?

The problem is sometimes we have unrealistic expectations for ourselves about how much we can get done in a week. So we say yes to way too much!

Today we’re going to be diving deep on PRIORITIZATION – and how to easily identify your top priority in a week.

I’m going to introduce you to (or reacquaint you with) the CHAMPAGNE MOMENT – an easy exercise you can do weekly to sort out the IMPORTANT things from the SEEMINGLY important.

So think about this: what could you do THIS WEEK, that — if you got it done — you’d be so happy, that you’d stop by the store on the way home and grab a bottle of champagne and pop it open the moment you get home?

What’s great about this exercise is it’s designed to get you away from SHALLOW work and into DEEP WORK (9 mins):

You’ll hear me talk all about PRIORITIZATION. I’ll cover:

  • What a Champagne Moment IS and why it’s foolproof
  • How to choose what task should be your top priority for the week
  • Examples of weak/strong Champagne Moments
  • And how to celebrate once you’ve accomplished your top priority!

Post in the comments below, and share your own strategy for prioritization and sticking to your priorities! See you in the comments!

Download the accompanying Champagne Moments worksheet by clicking here.

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