What was the last thing that you did that you were really excited about, but couldn’t quite pull it off?

A new diet? A new business idea?

Ever wanted to start a new exercise routine?

You start really excited: “I’m going to go to the gym everyday!”

Then you use this excitement to get committed: “I’m gonna pay hundreds of dollars for a gym membership and a trainer!”

Then you start experiencing that “DRIFT”.  That’s where you start falling off your gym routine.  It’s called the drift, because you’re drifting away from your original plan.

“Ahh, well, my metabolism is different…” that’s me. You start to hear negative voices in your head.  You start to make up excuses for not going to the gym.

Then you talk to your friend about their new diet they’re on where they’ve lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks!

Suddenly you’re super excited about this new diet. This is what we call getting Shiny New Object Syndrome: “A new diet! This one would work 10x better for me!”  You forget about the gym and your personal trainer and you focus on this exciting new thing.

Then a few weeks later, after making basically NO progress with the new diet, you experience Regret: “Man…I could’ve gotten better results if I just stuck to what I’d been doing in the first place.”

Who’s been along for that ride?

This is what we call the “Self-Sabotage Cycle” and it happens when we try to make big changes or improvements to our life that require a lot of self motivation and discipline.

So how can we break the cycle? How can we anticipate this self-sabotage in time to prevent it?

“Maintaining interest is the exception, not the rule” – Demir Bentley

The key lies in what author Angela Duckworth calls GRIT, and it’s composed of 4 pieces:





Click the video above to learn more about how to develop grit and break the self-sabotage cycle for good.  

Leave us a comment below and share your own strategies for FINISHING what you start!

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  • Kimball Lane

    Is there a camera in my living room you didn’t tell me about–the cycle you refer to is SO ME!! I can’t even keep track of how many things I have started and then lost my way to the next best thing! Thank you so much for this lifehack!

    • Carey Bentley

      So true, right?! I’m so glad to hear this resonated with you!

  • I’ve been reading Mel Robbins “5 Second Rule” and that is helping me get some grittiness when I “feel” like I’m struggling or I “feel” like I don’t want to do something. Thanks for your hacks so I don’t drift too far off course.