When I tell people I’m a productivity coach, I always get this question:  “How do I RESTORE work-life balance?”

The conventional wisdom here is that you need to create a big PIE CHART:  My work gets 60% of my attention, my kids gets 10% of my attention, my wife gets 8% of my attention, my friends get 7%.  


I’ll be honest…who here wants to be married to that person?  Where you know you’re only getting 8% of their attention? I sure don’t!    

The truth is that we’ve been lied to.

There is NO work-life balance because whenever you try to balance work and life, life always loses.  

But there is a HACK to being able to show up 100% in every area of your life… and I’m going to share that in the video today. (5 min) Click below to watch.

Work-life balance is actually just a made-up concept.  There is no magical partition in your brain between work and life!  

The truth is, we’re on 24/7!

Check out the video above to learn our hack for replacing work-life balance…I even have a challenge for you to put this hack into action right away.

Leave me a comment below and tell me if you accept this challenge – and share your own tips for balancing work and life!

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