Travel Hacks For The Holiday Season

Inevitably, the holiday season entails traveling to visit family or friends. Whether it be by plane, train or car, preparing for travel can be a huge cause for stress. To get you ready, we’re bringing the best hack first — also because you’re going to need to get started on this right away.

Travel Hack #1

This hack is a HUGE hurdle you can jump over ahead of time with the help of your Virtual Assistant (VA).

Get TSA Pre-Check. This is one of the golden nuggets of travel, a tip that will help you not only this holiday season, but for the rest of your traveling life! You pay for it ($85), get your fingerprints taken once, and never have to stand in a security line at an airport ever again. It is the cheapest first class treatment you can get these days.

Is it worth it for you to get TSA Pre-Check?

You can figure out if this is worth it for you in less than 1 minute. Calculate how much you make per hour, after taxes. Got your number? Great. Now assume you’ll be spending 2 hours in a security line per flight. If you make $20 per hour, this investment will pay for itself in time saved after just 2 round trip flights.

How to do it:

Have your VA scope out the necessary documentation and process (we give you a jumpstart with the link below). Then get started with your application immediately. Immediately. The process can take a up to six weeks to complete (and includes an in-person appointment at your airport), so you need to start now in order to assure that you avoid the lines this December! Start by sending your VA this link:

Side note: if you have already purchased your plane tickets for the holiday season, have your VA contact the airline after you’ve been approved for Pre-Check to get an updated ticket. Otherwise your ticket won’t be printed with your Pre-Check status.

Added Bonus: When you get TSA Pre-Check, you can also get a Global Entry card at the same time. This is amazing because it allows you to bypass the checkpoint line when you’re crossing a border! Just make sure everyone you’re driving with to Mexico has Global Entry!

Be on the lookout for our next post later this week — hint: it is the ultimate hack for getting yourself and the family out the door with zero stress for the holidays!

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