Hey guys, we’re talking today about how to actually turn KNOWLEDGE into ACTION.

And what’s funny is we were definitely NOT the type of people who could do this a few years ago.  Several years ago, it seemed like we were just bouncing around from course to course, book to book.  

We KNEW exactly what we needed to do to make more money and have more freedom. But we weren’t DOING it!

And I think a lot of people out there can relate to this.  We’ve been taught since childhood a DIDACTIC way of learning, consisting of being told or reading the information, and then being expected to memorize it.  The problem is, we were rarely taught to implement what we learned.  

It’s no wonder we’re so bad at this!

In today’s video, we share exactly how to hack this – and how you can apply this hack to every area of your life.

The hack is called 4 Layered Accountability, and it’s designed to turn what you know into something you do. Click below to view (12 min):

You’ll hear us explain how to hack accountability to create more discipline, using these 4 Layers:

  1. A coach – someone who can raise the bar high for you
  2. A team – people you respect and look up to
  3. A buddy – a personal accountability buddy you interact with 1:1
  4. Public declarations – leveraging social pressure to hold your feet to the fire!

Click here to download our 4 Layered Accountability Cheat Sheet

Post in the comments below, and share your own strategies for turning what you KNOW into something you actually DO!  See you in the comments!

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