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We’re all trying to work smarter, not harder. But how can we figure out exactly where we stand on the road to reaching 100% of our peak productivity potential? Productivity is hard to quantify, but it’s important to understand where we are today and how much space we have to grow. So how productive are you, really?

Take the Personal Productivity Assessment

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We adore self-evaluations since they show us clearly where we are on our productivity journey. What’s more, a great evaluation will also give you directions and pointers for where to go next to improve your personal productivity.

Our new Lifehack Bootcamp Personal Productivity Assessment does precisely that. It not only pinpoints your current productivity proficiency, it also uncovers particular areas for your development.

By taking the Lifehack Bootcamp Personal Productivity Assessment you will find:

Where you fall on the spectrum of productivity across 10 key categories
The current reality about your achievement potential based on your tasks, schedule, and workload
The specific areas you can optimize your efforts for success

Best of all, when you’re done you’ll get your personal score and understand where your productivity is at compared to other test takers.

Understanding where we are is vital to getting where we need to go. What’s more, the Lifehack Bootcamp Personal Productivity Assessment not only shows you are on the map, it also gives you pointers for where to go first to improve your productivity.

Find out your productivity proficiency