Back in 2008, we were both working 9-5 jobs.  We were leading the “just caught up” lifestyle.

No matter how hard we worked, we never managed to feel more than just barely caught up.

One week started out strong.  We both had big client presentations that went extremely well.  But by Wednesday, the week had gone sideways on us.  One client backed out due to funding constraints, and the other ended up becoming the “client from hell” who wanted Carey to run around frantically serving their needs.

By the end of the week, we were both collapse-on-the-bed exhausted. No energy was left to do anything except watch TV and start worrying about the next week.

It didn’t make sense – we were putting in the hours! But our work week claimed victory over us far more than we did.


We decided to play our own game.  We decided to tackle our weeks in a way we didn’t see many others doing.  Here’s what we found:

Life can feel like a battle, because it sort of IS a battle: it’s a competition for limited resources.  

We have limited time, limited attention, and limited decision-making power.  

And just like a battle, the secret to winning lies in planning ahead!  Because CONFLICT is what goes wrong with our week:  Conflicting priorities, conflicting schedules, conflicting expectations.  

To paraphrase the famous general Sun Tzu,

“If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you’re going to win.”

The hack for taking control of your week is simple and powerful:  Planning your week ahead of time.   We’re going to show our system for pre-planning your week, and it’s a system that’s radically different from the conventional wisdom.

There’s a very specific way you’ll want to do this.  In this week’s video, we walk through the 10 simple steps to planning ahead for your week. (8 minute video)

Over the last couple weeks, do you feel like you accomplished big things and made big progress?

Did you have many highly productive days, or did you waste a lot of time on low-value tasks?

Did you control your week, or did your week control you?

The hack we’re sharing today addresses these EXACT issues.  It gets you having powerful weeks where you feel satisfied and accomplished  – instead of feeling like you just took a punch in the face from Rocky Balboa.

Download the accompanying Pre-Planning Worksheet by clicking here.

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!”

— Brian Tracy

Leave us a comment with your strategies for getting in control of your week! 

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  • Robyn Michaels

    great hack! I especially liked step 1 – starting out on a positive note! gotta think up something other than champagne moment tho – not a drinker. I know it’s a metaphor, but it’s still a tempter for me. trying to avoid those. have a blessed week 😉

    • Carey Bentley

      Try “Chocolate Moment” Robyn! It’s so important to connect your big goal to a real reward you’re going to give yourself. So whatever that is for you, definitely plan to celebrate in advance – and then really do it! Let us know how it goes 🙂

  • Donna OBrien

    Great information! Thank you for sharing! I’m a wheelchair using mom running a household and studying from home. My personal ‘life hack’ has been to keep a sturdy diary of sorts that I list any phone calls I have to make; with names, numbers, etc.; appointments that need to be made; projects; plans; etc.; I put a big check mark when they’re accomplished or a big ? if follow-through is needed and rewrite it on the next day. I find calling tech support or Dr’s offices less stressful if I have the info already written down in front of me when I I tackle my list. Sometimes the phone calls alone can eat up a Monday morning but instead of getting frustrated all I have to do is look at all those check marks and I know I accomplished lots of stuff that frees me up for any other plans or projects I’ve listed. And if I have an issue with anything or anyone I know exactly where to look to see who I spoke with and what they said lol!

    • Carey Bentley

      Great hacks Donna – setting yourself up for success by having all the info written down in front of you! Love it!

  • Miguel Bernard

    You guys never fail me! This is a great concise way to breakdown how to pre-plan your week! And I agree Friday is the best night! Thank you for your wonderful insight and for sharing this life hack! Keep making it happen!

    • Carey Bentley

      Thanks Miguel you rock!