It was the start of an awesome week.  

I had my entire week planned out.  My calendar was filled with plenty of time to work on my brand new course, and I was running my Getting Things Done process to a tee.

I felt so ready – like I was going to knock this week out of the park!  …then my week decided to teach me a cold, hard lesson.

“Hey Demir?” I was immediately interrupted by my technical team. “Can you take a look at this issue we’re having with the course platform?”    …Sigh

I spent my Monday morning putting out fires caused by unexpected issues from over the weekend. By noon I was already behind on my course content.

And by the afternoon, I was moody and tired.  It was so frustrating to feel like my week was just slipping away between my fingers.

If you’ve ever had a week (or month) like this, then you know how disheartening it is!

In this week’s video, I’m going to explain to you that TIME MASTERY isn’t one thing: it’s actually the confluence of FOUR FACTORS, all of which need to be carefully managed.  

The answer is to stop trying to work fast, and start working F.A.S.T. Click below to view (12 mins):

F.A.S.T. working is our unique Model of Time Mastery.   At it’s core, it’s based on the idea that people fail at time management because they FAIL to understand that time mastery isn’t one thing, it’s the combination of 4 THINGS:   Focus, Attitude, Stamina, and Time.

In this video, I cover all 4 factors of TIME MASTERY:

  • Why FOCUS in more important than talent or intelligence
  • How a bad ATTITUDE can derail even the greatest of plans
  • How managing your STAMINA helps you get more out of your body and your mind
  • And how concerned we really should be about our TIME

Post in the comments below, and share your own strategy for time mastery! See you in the comments!

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  • Norma Roberts

    Last month and this month has been a struggle and I keep asking myself why? I know better — I had been doing all the techniques Champagne moments, monthly and weekly planning… I just didn’t understand it. This morning I thought to myself — I really need to work on my attitude! Then I saw your video. No need to argue, debate or think about it – I signed up for the course!